Kayla Brown

Kayla is a young single Mother and she has done a wonderful job raising her daughter despite many obstacles. She doesn’t receive any support and continues to work hard to be a role model for her daughter




My mother has been through so much in the last 2 years. She has Kidney disease. Spinal Stenosis and lost my sister from cancer in Feb. She is resilient and a fighter! She raised my sister and I as a single parent and she instilled values in us that we carried with us throughout the years. How or what makes her amazing? That she continues to smile and trust God. She has shown me by example how to keep going, to keep smiling and to keep trusting that God has us covered. I love you Mom and Thank you for loving me❣️…Stayce



Br’ion Harring

I am so proud of this young lady and she is so amazing. I have watched her become a mother and a woman all at the same time. She is so remarkable and work hard to provide a good life for her children. Rock On My Daughter..



Regina Gilkey

She is the glue of our family. A single mother of six, but raised seven she found a young 16 year girl living on a street with a child and took her in as one of her own children. She is a strong black woman who didn’t let life struggles stop her. Raising a child with a disability was a tough situation but, she made sure her disabled child got the same education as other children.



Dajae Ifekoya

I’m so proud of this young lady as she has become such a wonderful mother. She has embraced motherhood and showed that she is dedicated to being a great mother to her beautiful Daughter Da’Nylah. Keep up the good work!!!! Love Mom