Elian Hurtado

Elian Hurtado Jarve

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As a Venezuelan immigrant living in Tulsa for the past 25 years, I understand the cultural and language challenges the immigrant community faces as they navigate their new life. 

Since 2002 my professional experience has allowed me to excel in the field of entrepreneurship, economic development and community outreach. I am and forever will be an advocate for entrepreneurs, especially those facing added challenges due to lack of knowledge and/or access to resources.

Aside from my professional life, I have devoted my free time to advocating for the Hispanic community, and to ensuring the prosperity of our city of Tulsa; a city which I absolutely love.

I have served on many boards and commissions, where I have used the platform to advocate for affordable housing, support for immigrants, and inclusive economic development. In 2020 I was appointed by the Mayor of Tulsa as a trustee of the Tulsa Authority for Economic Development (TAEO), now Partner Tulsa, where I currently serve as Vice Chair.

I would be honored to to be the one you choose to further your advocacy and outreach to ensure all Tulsa entrepreneurs have a fair change at succeeding!

Beth Reinwald

Beth Reinwald

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Flourish Homes Inc.

PO Box 140461

Broken Arrow, OK 74014




Along with being CEO of Flourish Ministries, Beth is Registered Nurse, and she last worked for Saint Francis Hospice. God has used Beth in nursing for over 20 years, in management positions, as a youth leader for inner city youth, and as a God-Mom to one of her youth girls who lived with her and inspired her to start Flourish Homes.


Beth has done mission work in India, Turkey, Egypt, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. She moved to Tulsa to attend Victory Bible College and is a graduate of their Practical Ministries and Missions program.


Beth is passionate about helping girls thrive and flourish! She has always had a heart to mother, even when she was not yet a mother herself. As a youth leader, she identified that many young women simply cannot make it on their own when they are missing critical supports like family, basic necessities, and a relationship with God and His church.


It is her belief that when kids are 18 and aging out of foster care or in other tough circumstances, they are not “grown-up.” Young adults still need caring adults to help them navigate adulthood.  Flourish Ministries aims to fill in the missing gaps and be that caring adult. Flourish became incorporated in December 2013. They opened their doors to full-time programming in 2019 when they were invited to take over the Manna House Program in Tulsa. They quickly closed again due to zoning and location issues. In October of 2020 they moved to the Circle of Care Campus on Gilcrease Museum Road where they are fully operational today.

Beth is passionate about raising up young daughters who are whole and healthy who can serve God and others.

Jenice Jones

Jenice Jones

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5330 E. 31st St., Lower Level |Tulsa, Oklahoma | 74135

Office: 918.794.8858 | Cell: 918.691.0519 | 


Visit our website: https://www.justthebeginningok.org/

Find us on Facebook: Just The Beginning

Jenice Jones, Founder & President of Just The Beginning Inc., a minimum two year Diversion & Reentry Program for women facing time in prison and women returning home to make significant lifestyle changes.
Jenice is a native Tulsan, born to her parents who have been married for almost 60 years. Jenice has graciously raised 2 amazing daughters, the oldest holds a degree from the University of Oklahoma in MHR and currently employed with a Fortune 500 company in Atlanta, GA and her youngest, holds a master’s in civil engineering from the University of Oklahoma and working for the top integrated construction and design company in Dallas, Texas.
Jenice, after divorcing from her 13-year marriage to her high school sweetheart, eventually found that her then husband, was riddled with addiction. Jenice found herself living in the middle of trauma and not understanding how to manage, until she started attending AL-Anon, a support group for family & friends of those with addictions.
In 2009, Jenice Jones, founded and became the Executive Director of Just The Beginning, while committed to volunteering weekly at David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, teaching healthy boundaries and relationship goals. Jenice is involved in all day-to-day operations of Just The Beginning, along with administrating, being committed to one on one training/support, and community involvement.
In 2012, Jenice decided to return to college and complete her education as she is now a graduate from The University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and she holds a master’s in Human Relations-Social Justice & Change degree. Jenice is currently a PhD Candidate from Walden University in Public Policy & Administration, specializing in law.
Please help us welcome, the Founder of Just The Beginning where helping justice involved women, GROW for today, TRANSFORM for tomorrow, and INFLUENCE for generations is

Elnora Brown

Elnora Brown

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Email: coachnora@girltalkinc.info

Phone: +14053882930

Website: http://www.girltalkinc.Inc

Link: @girltalk_inc_ Instagram
@Girl Talk Inc -Fb
@Nora Brown -Fb

Girl Talk Inc is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safe and supportive community for women healing from mental and emotional trauma. We strive to empower women to overcome their trauma and reclaim their lives through education, advocacy, and support. Our mission is to promote healing and growth by providing access to resources, counseling, and mentorship to women in need. We believe that through compassion, education, and support, every woman can overcome trauma and live a fulfilling life. Girl Talk Inc is committed to creating a world where women can thrive, heal, and reach their full potential.

Your Top three accomplishments

– We reached 40k women this year alone on our social media platforms
– Hosted 50 mental health podcast episodes in 2022
– Able to help 105 women in the last 3 years connect with local counselors and support individuals for trauma recovery
-just celebrated 8 years of service to women and our local community and all over the globe

Lori Mcgraw

Lori McGraw

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Licensed Professional Counselor

Email: lorimcgraw@cox.net

Phone: +19188097180

I have worked extensively as a psychotherapist in the Tulsa Metropolitan area with children, individuals, couples and families for over 28 years. I have been in Private Practice since 2003.

After graduating with a Masters in Early Childhood from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Masters in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma I received her certifications as Licensed Professional Counselor, Parent Child Coordinator and a Family and Divorce Mediator.

I provide services through individual and family sessions and utilizes the skills and knowledge I havegained to help patients prevent or resolve psychosocial difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development. Each session is patient centered however resources, homework, journaling and other individualized techniques can be incorporated to increase personal success.

I have been active in the Tulsa community through volunteering and have served as a member of the Oklahoma Academy for Mediators and Arbitrators, Junior League of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Arkansas Play Therapy organizations.

I am married with 2 sons and we have an amazing dog named Ellie who completes us. I love to cook and bake. I love learning life hacks whether to help the home run better or for personal growth. I have worked with children and their families for almost 30 years. I am a strong advocate to help families rule out medical/autoimmune disorders that could explain behavioral disorders.

I am thankful for my relationship with my Heavenly Father, having my own career where I can help and refer people to the resources they need and through personal and professional experience become more aware of how medical issues effects the brain and



Breanna Graham

Breanna Graham

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Email: bmccgraham@gmail.com


Link: Facebook: Breanna Graham
Instagram: @_themillennialmoenymama

Meet Breanna Graham, a passionate Financial Empowerment Coach dedicated to guiding millennials on their journey towards redefining success and crafting the life they truly deserve. With a thriving role as a Financial Agency Owner, devoted wife, and nurturing mother of four, she intimately understands the significance of legacy creation, wealth building, and transformative mindset shifts.

Breanna firmly believes that reshaping your financial narrative begins with transforming your mindset around money. By partnering with her clients, she skillfully leads them through the process of crafting new, empowering money stories, strategic financial planning, and seamless implementation of their customized wealth-building roadmap.

Understanding the essential components of financial well-being such as emergency funds, short-term savings, insurance, access to legal counsel, compound interest, dollar cost averaging, and the time value of money is crucial. Unfortunately, many individuals are not aware of these key principles. Breanna eliminates the guesswork, endless googling, and fleeting TikTok advice from the equation, offering a simplified, straightforward plan for a secure future.

Join Breanna on a transformative journey towards financial freedom, as she empowers you to seize control of your finances, rewrite your money story, and pave the way for a prosperous and fulfilling life.

Tanisha Scott

Tanisha Scott

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Email: ttestink@gmail.commailto:ttestink@gmail.com


Website:http://www.testinkstore.com and http://www.girlztalk.us

Social Media Link: 

Testimonial Ink, LLC @testimonialink
Tanisha Scott https://www.facebook.com/tanisha.morrisonscott
GirlzTalk- FB @girlztalk girlztalk.us-Instagram

Tanisha Scott is the CEO of Testimonial Ink LLC a printing professional providing a wide range of services from custom t-shirts, accessories, as well as her newly accomplishment of book journals, she loves collaborating with individuals as well as business professionals to help with branding their products. Her business motto is “If you can think it, we can ink it.”
Tanisha Scott is also the founder of The Girlz Talk Woman retreat, where she provides a safe place for Women to come together on one accord, to embody their serenity through the love of Christ. She creates ministry and educational information with introduction to Mental health, finances and challenging lifestyle. Tanisha uses her Girlz Talk Retreat to “Encourage, Empower and Ignite Purpose.” She helps Women to find and trust their greatness is within, once they have removed the residue of life’s circumstances. She believes every Woman has a hidden jewel within them and her purpose is to help them find it, love it and shine.

Toya Forbes

Toya Forbes

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Toya Forbes is a Tulsa Native who graduated from Wentworth Military Academy and The University of Dubuque obtaining three college degrees as well as serving in the United States Army. She is happily married with three BEAUTIFUL Children, The Vice President of Forbes Entertainment LLC and CEO/Founder of Praying Wives, as well as The CEO of Forbes Enterprise. Mrs. Forbes is a Woman who wears many hats as an Ordained Minister, Business Woman, Certified Life Coach & Life Coach Trainer, Singer, Actress, Comedian, Writer, Producer, Director & NOW an Author of an AMAZING book called The African Dancer. She’s a MC and an Incredible Motivational Speaker! She believes walking in your PURPOSE is your greatest achievement on earth and encourages people of all ages to live what you love, so your life would be worth you LIVING!!!

Premadonna Braddick

Premadonna Braddick

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Premadonna Braddick, MA., LPC is a License Therapist, Transformational coach, ordained minister, motivational speaker, author, and actress. She’s a prime example of overcoming nearly insurmountable circumstances. Born and raised in the foster care system in East Oakland, California from age two to eighteen years old, she spent the early years of her life dealing with depression, low self-esteem, and a poor self-image. Despite this, she was surrounded by mentors who offered guidance, wisdom, and inspiration to pursue her purpose in life; therefore, she understands the importance of mentorship. Instead of using her past as an excuse, Premadonna turned her obstacles into stepping-stones to achieve her goals and help young women and teenage girls do the same.

Through the love and support of those around her, Premadonna resolved not to allow past challenges to dictate her future or hinder her from achieving life goals. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio, Television, and Film with a minor in Theatre of Arts from San Jose State University. She’s also an alumna of Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma, where she earned two Master of Arts degrees in marriage/family therapy and Christian counseling. She’s a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Tulsa Rotary Club, and former member of Kappa Phi Beta Honor Society.

Mrs. Braddick was featured in Tulsa People Magazine, and appeared on Tulsa TBN’s Praise the Lord, along with several other community radio and television talk shows. Premadonna has a Podcast talk show called Real Life, Real Talk. Mrs. Braddick received the 2018 Woman of the Year-Pinnacle Award from YWCA and Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women, In 2019 the Oklahoma For Excellence award for her outstanding mentorship work with at-risk teen girls and families in the community. She also received the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder ChangeMaker award, presented to visionaries who strengthen their communities through innovation, inspiration, and empowerment and drive culture forward.

She has a passion to reach teens and women since mentors helped her to finish college and move forward to create her non-profit, Soaring Eagle’s Youth and Family Services Inc. Its mission is to help youth and families rewrite their stories, define their futures, and succeed in life by providing resources to heal intergenerational family trauma and inspire positive growth.
Her organization addresses troubled teens and family issues through counseling, mentorship, an Annual Teen Summits. She currently works as a behavioral health counselor specializing in trauma counseling, depression, anger management, and marriage counseling. In addition to her many jobs, she considers it an honor to serve as a foster mother where she has fostered several children.

Helping others renew their minds and adjust their thinking are two of several ways this passionate woman encourages others to persevere, no matter the difficulties. Leading by example, her goal is to empower youth and families to enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling life. Her motto that drives her is, “When you have a setback, don’t take a step back because God is already preparing your come back!!”