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Brenda Bertrand, a seasoned author, speaker, and spiritual coach, is devoted to empowering women to take their next leap of faith, free from hustle. With 30 years of diverse experience, spanning news anchoring, civil service, chaplaincy, higher education, and consultancy, Brenda’s mission is to create nurturing spaces for women to rewrite their stories and break free from what holds them back. When not traveling, she hosts virtual and in-person spiritual retreats that equip women with the heartset, mindset, and skillset to thrive in life and work. Brenda believes in the collective power of women to transform the world by embracing their true selves, living their long-held dreams, and recognizing that they are more than enough, just as they are. She’s currently spearheading a special project, designing spaces for women of color to support each other in flourishing in life, love, and leadership.