Sponsorship of WHOW

Women Helping Other Women (WHOW) was created to empower women to improve their economic status through education, career advancement, and entrepreneurship. 

The target audience are women ages 18 to 45 who are seeking to receive personal development to improve their economic status and standard of life.

WHOW hosts 2 events each month, which averages 40-75 attendees per event. WHOW has reached more than 5000 women over the last 12 months.  WHOW currently has over 900 group members.  Our newsletter has over 1200 subscribers and is distributed once per month, via email, Facebook and Instagram. It is distributed between the 1st and the 8th of each month.  Our website averages 2000 viewers per month, which is 70 hits per day. We anticipate this growing over the next 6 months as we increase our content and awareness of the website.  We currently use Facebook as our social platform where we promote the WHOW (Women Helping Other Women), WHOW network group and the WHOW Organization page.  The WHOW organization page currently has 9,000 likes.  

Our biggest program is the Dream Funds event where we host a weekly class helping to improve the economic status of low-income families.  The program is offered to individuals receiving food stamps, household income less than $25,000 per year, pregnant or teenage mothers, or previously incarcerated women.  The program was designed to provide resources and encourage economic growth, bring self-awareness & direction, and improve self-esteem & confidence.  The program is a 12-week course in which participants create life plans, set goals, budgets, and business plans for free.  At the end of the event we have partnered with other organizations to offer small grants to return to school, advance their career, or start their own business.  

We are currently looking for sponsors for our programs.  

  • Marketing Strategies ($1020.00 per year)
  • Website Development ($456 per year)
  • Video and Photography ($600 per year)
  • Monthly snacks ($1000 per year)
  • Keynote Speakers ($1200 per year)
  • Printed Material ($600 per year)
  • Space Rental ($2400 per year)


As a sponsor you would have a direct link to your business listed on our Facebook page, group and Website.  You would also be mentioned at each WHOW meeting, which would help to promote your business services or products.  We are also open to other sponsorship ideas.

Sponsorship Levels

Choose the sponsorship level that fits you.  All sponsorship donations over $25 includes paid WHOW Membership perks.   If you need more information or would like to alter the benefits please email us. at info@whownetwork.org.  


Gold & Silver Benefits
12 month Booth Space *
Logo Website Home
6 Video Advertisements


Silver Level Benefits
6 month Booth Space *
Facebook Recognition
3 Video Advertisements


Logo on Sponsor Page
Materials Handed out
Booth Space 1 event*
1 Video Advertisement


You donation of any amount is appreciate. More or less.

Sponsor WHOW today!