Elnora Brown

Contact Information

Email: coachnora@girltalkinc.info

Phone: +14053882930

Website: http://www.girltalkinc.Inc

Link: @girltalk_inc_ Instagram
@Girl Talk Inc -Fb
@Nora Brown -Fb

Girl Talk Inc is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safe and supportive community for women healing from mental and emotional trauma. We strive to empower women to overcome their trauma and reclaim their lives through education, advocacy, and support. Our mission is to promote healing and growth by providing access to resources, counseling, and mentorship to women in need. We believe that through compassion, education, and support, every woman can overcome trauma and live a fulfilling life. Girl Talk Inc is committed to creating a world where women can thrive, heal, and reach their full potential.

Your Top three accomplishments

– We reached 40k women this year alone on our social media platforms
– Hosted 50 mental health podcast episodes in 2022
– Able to help 105 women in the last 3 years connect with local counselors and support individuals for trauma recovery
-just celebrated 8 years of service to women and our local community and all over the globe