Elian Hurtado Jarve

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As a Venezuelan immigrant living in Tulsa for the past 25 years, I understand the cultural and language challenges the immigrant community faces as they navigate their new life. 

Since 2002 my professional experience has allowed me to excel in the field of entrepreneurship, economic development and community outreach. I am and forever will be an advocate for entrepreneurs, especially those facing added challenges due to lack of knowledge and/or access to resources.

Aside from my professional life, I have devoted my free time to advocating for the Hispanic community, and to ensuring the prosperity of our city of Tulsa; a city which I absolutely love.

I have served on many boards and commissions, where I have used the platform to advocate for affordable housing, support for immigrants, and inclusive economic development. In 2020 I was appointed by the Mayor of Tulsa as a trustee of the Tulsa Authority for Economic Development (TAEO), now Partner Tulsa, where I currently serve as Vice Chair.

I would be honored to to be the one you choose to further your advocacy and outreach to ensure all Tulsa entrepreneurs have a fair change at succeeding!