Authors Information Request

Submission Agreement for materials submitted to “WHOW Factor” This submission agreement is entered into and between: WHOW Organization & Hadessah Enterprises , LLC (hereafter referred to as Publisher), and the submitting Writer, Colourist and/or Letterer (hereafter referred to as Creator). This submission agreement defines terms between Publisher and Creator, that pertain to their writing or artwork (hereafter referred to as Work) being featured in “WHOW Factor.” Payment 1. Payments from books sold online will take approximately 90 days to be paid to author. Hadessah Enterprises , LLC chooses to pay on a quarterly basis to protect you from eating the cost of having returned books. Generally, bookstores have a 30-day return policy, customers are allowed to return books that are either damaged or not to their satisfaction. All returned books will be returned to Hadessah Enterprises , LLC and we will notify you via email if this activity occurs. 2. 25% if all book proceeds are for WHOW. All other books sold on main site are split between everyone that has contracted under the WHOW Factor Book. Complimentary Copies 1. Publisher will provide each Creator with 10 complimentary copies of the book. 2. Creators will be able to purchase additional discounted copies up until the book goes to print. Work Schedule 1. To be included in the physical printed book, all work must be completed by 04/15/2021. 2. Earlier completion, especially for use with the Kickstarter, is ideal. 3. Publisher reserves the right to require reasonable revisions to a Work in order to ensure that the Work meets Publisher's quality standards for publication. Creator shall receive reasonable notice of such standards and reasonable time to revise the Work accordingly. 4. Publisher also reserves the right not to publish a Work if the Work still fails to meet Publisher's quality standards for publication. If the Work is not published, the Creator is restored all rights to first publication and may use it immediately in other contexts. The Creator will not be paid for their work. Rights 1. Creators grant Publisher ongoing permission to publish the Work in print and electronic formats ad infinitum. This includes reprints and digital sales containing the Work. 2. Creators grant Publisher the right of first publication until one year after the book launches or January 2023, whichever is first. After this date, Creators may include their original Work only in other forms of publication and media. 3. Creators are encouraged to promote on their social media, but not the final lettered pages of the finished work. 4. Creators grant Publisher permission to use Work and Creators’ names or professional pseudonyms in marketing and promotion. 5. Creators retain exclusive copyright to their own Work, including story, and characters. 6. Creators are not allowed to publish their work in unauthorized locations without previously discussed approval of the publishing company and WHOW Organization approval. 7. Creators confirm that they own all copyrights to the Work and assume all liability for submitting Work to which they do not own the copyright. I understand and agree to this submission document by making payment of application fee.