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Shatoyia Jones, aka the queen of self-discovery (and most recently self-mastery), is first and foremost a Louisiana native and an adventure-loving American woman with a love for social dancing, travel and cultural immersion and socially conscious entrepreneurship. She is a lifelong learner and personal refinement specialist with values rooted in biblical faith which has led her to live a very experiential, non-traditional life in the name of finding herself, as well as the pursuit of a sense of self-liberation, self-fulfillment, a higher quality of being and living, and internal peace and happiness. Professionally, Shatoyia serves as a multi-awardwinning, internationally renowned women's advocate, public figure, social entrepreneur, performance artist and ownership - wealth education / equitable opportunity access / poverty reduction specialist. For almost two decades, award winning international women's advocate and femininity pioneer, social entrepreneur, wealth education / poverty / opportunity access, author and 2x pageant title holder, Dam Shatoyia Jones has empowered thousands of ambitious women worldwide to uncover the regal kingdom woman inside of her by equipping her with the biblically-inspired tools, mentorship and support to confidently embrace feminine womanhood, realize the non-sexual value of the feminine spirit to society and position herself with confidence, grace and poise and without shame or reservation. Under Shatoyia's stewardship, women of a diversity of backgrounds and socio-economic status train to become a kingdom woman, a woman who was created to hold a position of divine dominion and leadership as a uniquely powerful force of benevolent influence in their homes, their relationships and their communities, going on to leave legacies fit for the child of royal priesthood. Founded in 2020, Shatoyia created Kingdom Woman Academy, originally, School of Joie, as a biblically-inspired, modern finishing school of divinity or "charm school" as a lifelong mentorship and leadership program ideal for ambitious women, inexperienced and seasoned, with a desire to learn more about and uncover their divine feminine spirit and nurture it into organic prominence, operate at a higher standard of living and being and achieve a deeper understanding of who they are individually and their non-sexual value to society to lead fulfilling, impactful and purposeful lives filled with genuine peace, joy and benevolent impact in and outside of their homes. Shatoyia Jones Disciple / Public Figure / Mentor / Author / Speaker / Philanthropist International Women's Advocate, SHATOYIAJONES.COM Founder / Director / Dam, Kingdom Woman Finishing School President and VP of Education, CATCH Toastmasters VP and Board Member, WHOW Network Wealth Education / Equitable Opportunity Access /Poverty Reduction Specialist, First Ladies of Poverty Foundation - First Gen Wealth Builders | |

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