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Vaden Bates
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Entrepreneurship, Networking
Vonda Vaden Bates is an alliance builder and leadership coach. For over 30 years Vonda has guided professionals to succeed on behalf of their organizations and careers. She helps people move from potential to action, set and reach goals, manage engaged teams, and communicate with influence. Her creative approach has influenced major market shifts in television, retail, banking, technology and education.
In 2013 Vonda decided to contribute her skills on behalf of safety in health care after researching how her husband, Yogiraj Charles Bates, died from one of the most common preventable causes of death, hospital associated venous thromboembolism. Advocating for every person in the care system, Vonda brings a compassionate voice, strategic skills, and collaboration expertise to improve communication and safety in health care.
She is the CEO of 10th Dot®, a company founded by her late husband, which coaches and trains individuals, teams and organizations to perform at their best.
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