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About Shatoyia Jones

Shatoyia Jones, aka the queen of self-discovery, is first and foremost a Louisiana native and an adventure-loving American woman with affinities for social dancing, travel and cultural immersion and entrepreneurship. She is a lifelong learning and refined personal development with values rooted in biblical faith which has led her to live a very experiential, non-traditional life in the name of finding herself in the pursuit of a sense of self-liberation, self-fulfillment, a higher quality of being and living, and internal peace and happiness.

Professionally, Shatoyia serves as a multi-awardwinning, internationally renowned women’s advocate, public figure, social entrepreneur, performance artist and ownership – wealth education / equitable opportunity access / poverty reduction specialist.

Shatoyia left Louisiana for college on the other side of the country in pursuit of a higher quality of living. In 2017, she was selected as a solo international global edu literacy project and ministry community leader & program coordinator/manager for Beyond El Campo in Costa Rica and spoke at a variety of colleges & non-profits. In 2018, she served at the intersections of education, business & entrepreneurship, serving as Miss Black America Massachusetts whilst doing social impact & management/operations consulting for non-profits & small businesses, such as Institute for Training & Development, GPI US, US Performing Arts Camp, MIT Innovation Conference, Self-Dial Americorps, Harvard Business (HB), NextGenHQ Summit, Power in Your Purse, EaseNation, Make-It-Springfield, Trinity College, HerCampus, College Fashion Week, HerConference: EmpowerNYC, Harambe Seed Funding at HB, Harvard African Business Conference and other high-profile business, entrepreneurship, education and women’s empowerment organizations.

In 2019, she served as guest & media for the Collaborative for Educational Services: Improving Outcomes for Students Living in Poverty & Trauma, Business Fights Poverty NYC + Next Gen Summit, in addition to her servicing a variety of local educational institutions in many capacities, won an award for volunteer of the year, & served as Ms. Massachusetts 2019 AWOS & National Ambassador for Afri(k)que, speaking, hosting and performing for a variety of women’s empowerment and business / entrepreneurship orgs, conferences and other events around the U.S. She also served as mentor and judge for entrepreneurship competitions such as Diamond Challenge and WIT, closing out the year with 4 prestigious awards and honors for her work with her organization, FLP.

As of 2021, Shatoyia serves as Founder/CEO/Wealth Education Consultant/business, poverty and racial equity specialist at First Ladies of Poverty (FLP) Foundation, a multi-awardwinning edutech center and resource hub for entrepreneurial-minded minority individuals who are the first (or one of the few) in their family to think about or start the process of building wealth. Shatoyia also serves as Co-Chair & diversity, equity and inclusion chair for SCORE Westernmass, national ambassador for Afrikque, & founder of School of Joie, where she empowers modern women to confidently become CEO of their lives with elegance and poise–and without shame or reservation. She takes business + community program development, speaking, hosting & marketing opportunities through the year and will be authoring her 2nd book.

She has won various awards and honors for her work in business / entrepreneurship, diversity/equity/inclusion, poverty reduction and divine femininity empowerment. She has been featured on/in: 100 Women of Color, Mass Live, Women Who Create, Forte Rising Stars, Black PR, Harvard Women in Business, Diversity Movement, Her Campus, Black on Black Education, Washington Post, Mass Live, Campus Trendsetts, College Fashion Week and many more…

Kingdom Woman Finishing School

For almost two decades, award winning international women’s advocate and femininity pioneer, social entrepreneur, wealth education / poverty / opportunity access, author and 2x pageant title holder, Dam Shatoyia Jones has empowered thousands of ambitious women worldwide to uncover the regal kingdom woman inside of her by equipping her with the biblically-inspired tools, mentorship and support to confidently embrace feminine womanhood, realize the non-sexual value of the feminine spirit to society and position herself with confidence, grace and poise and without shame or reservation.

Under Shatoyia’s stewardship, women of a diversity of backgrounds and socio-economic status train to become a kingdom woman, a woman who was created to hold a position of divine dominion and leadership as a uniquely powerful force of benevolent influence in their homes, their relationships and their communities, going on to leave legacies fit for the children of royal priesthood.

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