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Natalie Schmidt is the Founder/President of PINKK BAGGS, a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Natalie is the sole organizer of the annual “Conference of HOPE” which highlights stories of tragedy into triumph. The mission of the conference is to restore HOPE. It is scheduled for October 2023. Natalie serves women who have endured domestic violence by giving them a Pinkk Bagg full of over 30 pampering and quality products to restore, renew, and rejuvenate each and every woman from the inside out. Natalie is a survivor of domestic violence and doesn’t want any other woman to experience what she went through. With no support or friends, Natalie had to begin her healing journey based on her medical knowledge as a Surgical Assistant. Natalie’s 2 youngest daughters lived with her and were her reason to start practicing self care once again after stopping for almost a year. Natalie is a Motivational & Inspirational Speaker whose passion for humanity pours out of her and one is able to feel her emotions at the same time she is expressing them. Natalie has been awarded The Congressional Recognition Award in October of 2020 for her service to women. She was also recognized as a Service Hero by TV Host Tamara Hunter. Along with running PINKK BAGGS and organizing the conference, Natalie is also a Founding Leader of The Heart Link Network Worldwide Oklahoma City, that hosts women only networking events twice a month. Natalie loves to teach and mentor. She believes in those who have lost belief in themselves, something she herself has experienced. Natalie has 4 beautiful daughters and is married to her sweetheart Brad. Natalie and her family currently live in Oklahoma City, OK.

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