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Ramona Rogers, an entrepreneur for over twenty years, has captured a way to communicate how she was able to transform the once held belief that she was destined to less than greatness. To shed some light on what her latest book is about, she had a fixed mindset, and she thought it was legitimate. For it was doctors, teachers and even loved ones who did not understand the power of their beliefs, or quite frankly, their misinterpretations of a child who did not yet have the words, tools, environment or experience to show them just how erroneous their assessments were. Fast forward, and teachers who began to see untapped potential started planting seeds that she could go to college, that she could go on to pursue other things outside of a domestic realm. She began to experience other strengths too, such as an amazing athletic ability, an ability to relate to people, and to be well received by others. Slowly, she started applying these efforts to academia, an area she once believed she was not destined to shine. But shine she does! Three books, two curriculums, and various successful business ventures later, she has decided to convert her strategy into a tangible product to share with the rest of us! Even if you deem yourself successful in one area of your life, you can benefit from learning and applying the formula in other areas. It truly is a blueprint- meaning you may not want to build a business, you may want to build better habits, better thought processes, better relationships, and an overall better life. Do yourself a favor? Invest in this book. If you have ever suffered from a fixed or limiting belief, if you have ever had a great idea without the tools to help you gain the clarity needed to bring your idea to fruition, then this book is for you! A solution, your own personal blueprint, awaits!