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Disciple / Public Figure / Mentor / Author / Speaker / Philanthropist
     Hello ልዕልት Le’elt / Leult Kingdom Women and the Kingdom Men that protect, provide for, honor and cherish us (and whom we love, honor and respect in return),
I am Shatoyia Jones (Cacique Shatoyia Jones ), child of Yahweh, disciple-in-training of Christ, Louisiana native now living in New England with a love for unadulterated and wholesome love, self-mastery and self-respect, travel, social dancing, eating good food, karaoke, meaningful conversations, social dancing, making my home feel like home in my free time and making the world a better place by empowering our women to understand their value and present themselves accordingly.
I believe women are the backbone of society and that it is urgent that we fortify our women for whole, healed and stronger societies, families and communities.
” You have the potential to change the course of the world by the sheer fact of being a woman. Don’t run from yourself. Don’t run from your [influential] power. Step into it without shame or reservation to make your home, your community and your relationships thrive beyond measure. You were uniquely created for the task. — Cacique Shatoyia Jones,

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International Women’s Advocate, godly femininity pioneer, philanthropist, SHATOYIAJONES.COM


Authoress, Valè Yon Fanm book series

Your worth > rare jewels
📍300K #KingdomWoman Setting THE Standard

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Founder / Cacique / Director, Kingdom Woman Finishing School


8x Award-Winning Finishing School of Self-Mastery, Divinity and Godly Femininity

“It’s You Against You.”

Kingdom Woman Finishing School is a 8x award-winning school of self-mastery, divinity and feminine refinement, serving as the world’s leader in women’s education and an oasis for feminine refinement and leadership. We nurture, mold and pour into talented and visionary women around the world to become the “creme de la creme,” the best of the best influential and effective leaders in and outside of their homes, no matter what facet of society they serve in, whether they desire to be career-women, homemakers, wives or ministers.

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Vice President, Strategic Development, Communications & Operations and Board Member, WHOW Network

Wealth Education / Equitable Opportunity Access /Poverty Reduction SpecialistFirst Ladies of Poverty Foundation – First


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