My mother has been through so much in the last 2 years. She has Kidney disease. Spinal Stenosis and lost my sister from cancer in Feb. She is resilient and a fighter! She raised my sister and I as a single parent and she instilled values in us that we carried with us throughout the years. How or what makes her amazing? That she continues to smile and trust God. She has shown me by example how to keep going, to keep smiling and to keep trusting that God has us covered. I love you Mom and Thank you for loving me❣️…Stayce



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  1. Stayce you have me in tears. Thank you for your loving words. I thank God everyday for you and Kim, you pulls the strings to my heart. And I love you to Infinity ❤ ❤ and I wish you a bless and The Favor of God for your special Mother’s day.

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