Kingdom Woman Finishing School offers WHOW Network Community Annual Scholarship & Grant Opportunity

Kingdom Woman Finishing School

Confidence. Elegance. Grace. Poise. Godly Femininity.

8x award-winning finishing school of feminine refinement, self-mastery & divinity

“It’s You Against You.” — Founder / Cacique, Shatoyia Jones

Kingdom Woman Finishing School is a 8x award-winning school of self-mastery, divinity and feminine refinement, serving as the world’s leader in women’s education and an oasis for feminine refinement and leadership. We nurture, mold and pour into talented and visionary women around the world to become the “creme de la creme,” the best of the best influential and effective leaders in and outside of their homes, no matter what facet of society they serve in, whether they desire to be career-women, homemakers, wives or ministers.

About Kingdom Woman Finishing School Annual Scholarship & Grant

The Kingdom Woman Finishing School (KWFS) annual scholarship and grant virtual scholarship and grant crowning event is a chance for women all over the world to present their ideas, business or project for the positive advancement of society and to the empowerment of women.

The crowned woman will be a spiritual and physical embodiment of excellent that a “KWFS Heiress” possesses, the epitome of a Kingdom Woman, and she will serve as an ambassador for Kingdom Woman Finishing School and assist in crowning the following year’s ambassador.

Our women are highly sought after for their high-level skills, feminine grace, set apart mindset and high standard of excellence. The women who enroll in KWFS desire to undergo a process of godly feminine refinement to transform into an influential one-of-a-kind, set apart woman of feminine grace and excellence who is sought after for high-level professional and social opportunities that will allow her to do amazing work in the world, build relationships with high-level individuals with hearts of gold and increase her quality of life.

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  • Woman
  • Any age and stage of life
  • Must have be willing to present an idea, business, educational program or social impact initiative that will positively contribute to the world and be used to empower women
  • Must be able to articulate how the funding will be used

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Round 1

Applications in May and closes in July

Round 2

Applications in July and Closes in December

March until December 15 — Scholarship and Grant applications open and candidate interviews held

December 15 — Scholarship and Grant application closes

December 20 — Candidate Interviews held and final candidates notified with feedback

December 22 — Virtual Crowning Event Training held (optional not mandatory, available to sign up / purchase upon request)

Application Link:

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