Deborah Jenkins

Seven schools by seventh grade, was my life as an Army brat. My father, Vince Jenkins retired, and we settled in my mother's family home, Tulsa Oklahoma. Mother's family are longtime Okies, Creek Muskogee Tribe. Mom, Mae Hutton McCuiston was born in Tulsa. Tulsa Teachers Credit Union, our bank, resides where she was born at home in 1933. Mom worked for the Tulsa Public Schools. Dad worked with Community Development, Model Cities and retired a city division manager. At family dinners, we enjoyed traditional southern food. My father always added courses on education, community engagement and economic development. I suppose it’s not a surprise that Core Values for my HVAC business are: responsibility, stewardship, community, employee development. I graduated Cum Laude from Holland Hall Upper School in Tulsa. Attended Mount Holyoke College for Women and later Washington University Medical School. I had a wonderful medical career. I practiced as an anesthesiologist and left mid-career to work with Doctors Without Borders (DWB). While with DWB over 12 yrs I worked in 7 countries including Sri Lanka, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Chad, Nigeria, Jordan and Haiti. In 3 three counties our operational language was French. Because of limited medical support personnel the scope of practice is broader than in the states so I performed tasks more commonly done by a family practitioner, emergency doc, and an intensivist. In 2006 I received a Certificate in Public Health from Univ. of Oklahoma and a Certificate in Travel Medicine from the International Society of Travel Medicine. Because of my broader skill set, I worked in operational medical positions; deputy and hospital manager/medical team leader positions. I’ve worked with various community associations and foundations. After retiring from medicine, I tutored math and science for adult GED students. Most students were from working class backgrounds with family obligations. Traditional college was too expensive or was too long to complete. I encouraged many students to consider the trades. Trades are a growth area that needs talented people. Technology is changing HVAC. Equipment and systems are more complicated to install, service and repair. Since I was a kid I've changed tires, built fences, and painted my house. Doc J’s Heat and Air is a natural progression to fulfilling my family legacy. Commitment to community, employees and economic development are Doc J values. “We must not only become reliable, progressive, skillful and intelligent, but we must keep the idea constantly before our youth that all forms of labor, whether with the hand or head are honorable” ~Booker T Washington

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