Amanda Norword

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Contact Information

Amanda is a certified professional coach through ICA, an International Coaching Federation-accredited program. She is also a certified group coach.

Gaining a lifelong mastery of healthy habits and systems, Amanda excelled in a 20+ year career in sales & marketing while also competing as a nationally and internationally top-ranked triathlete. Juggling a full-time job and getting in hours of training each day required enormous discipline and structure.

As a result of her background, Amanda is a firm believer that building systems through the repetition of small but powerful actions is the key to accomplishing significant goals. She applies this principle to her coaching.

Through Amanda’s achievement and performance coaching you build your own personalized framework that transforms your personal and professional life.

Other Professional Experience

Before embarking on a coaching career, Amanda founded Spark!, a marketing firm for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Prior to that, she worked at several large branding firms in public relations, new business development, project management, content development, and copywriting. She also spent over a decade in magazine advertising.