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WHOW, Women Helping Other Women, was founded in 2008.  Our volunteer work supports local organizations which include women’s shelters, women in poverty, mentor-ship of young women, and girls.  We offer many opportunities for our members to connect through various seminars, networking mixers, professional development workshops, group mentoring activities, health and wellness, and more.
“WHOW! Women Helping Other Women is an organization that empowers women to reach their full potential through education, career advancement, and business opportunities. 
Our vision is to provide opportunities, resources, and personal encouragement. We believe that using a faith based approach to overcome life's circumstances is the most successful method.

 WHOW prepares women to live independently.   The organization consists of spiritual leaders, mentors, counselors, business owners, accountants and many other individuals who help women excel in every area of their lives. 
 WHOW offers education, career advancement tips, and business opportunities.  Our organization connects members to grant opportunities, fundraising ideas, and sponsors.  It is great challenge which takes great determination, but with God, we will prevail!

Crystal Ifekoya 


Owner Founder


      Crystal Ifekoya is a single mother of three girls.  She came from a background of a drug addicted mother and an absent father and had to live with her grandmother who was raising five other children.  She was molested as a child, lost her virginity to rape and had two children before she was 18 years old.  After living in a shelter for two years Crystal decided to stop playing the victim and finished her GED.  Crystal has overcome a cigarette, drug, and sex addiction while fighting to keep custody of her children.  After two horrible marriages that brought both sexual abuse and domestic violence to her life Crystal has managed to keep her sanity and fight for her right to live.  Crystal has obtained her Master’s in Accounting.  She did not let her circumstances define her.  She has rose above her situations and determined to help others do the same.  Crystal has started the non-profit WHOW Organization Women Helping Other Women.  WHOW Organization DBA WHOW Women helping other women was created to empower women to reach their full potential through education, career advancement and business opportunities.

WHOW is an organization that helps women to overcome hard times and not to settle for defeat.   The primary goal is to help women to live better lives.  Women are the birth givers. Every person in this world was born of a woman.  The number of single mothers has consistently increased over the years.  The goal is to give women an opportunity to increase their awareness of their situation and position them for the future.  This direct help to women will also benefit their children.  The information that WHOW provides to the women will prepare them to live without being dependent upon others but become self-sufficient with a network system.   The organization consists of spiritual leaders, sponsors, accountants, councilors, business owners and many other individuals who help the women to excel in every area of their life.   It has been said that there is lack of young women involved in different leadership positions including advocacy, analysis, dialogue, government, human rights, women’s rights civil society and society communities.  It is the job of the organization to provide an opportunity for women to reach their full potential by assisting them to find the path that will make the most impact on their lives. 

Currently, WHOW provides a word of the day to members Monday through Friday in the Facebook Group WHOW Network.  Motivation Monday is a post of a word, picture, video, or article that gives motivation for the week.  Tell it Tuesday allows women to ask questions that they need answered in a friendly environment where everyone’s voice can be heard.  Wellness Wednesday where we focus on helpful wellness tips such as weight loss, mental health, and staying fit.  Thankful Thursday  is all about helpful tips such as cooking recipes, DIY projects, and saving money. Fabulous Friday focuses on the events going on within the community and through-out the world.  Women are also able to post their own events, products, and businesses on the website.

Another program offered by WHOW is BOSS Encounters.  B.O.S.S Encounters stands for Building of Successful Strategies which is a faith based event that is held monthly on Second Saturday’s for women interested in pursuing their education, career advancement, starting their own business, networking, finding community information, and building relationships. There is an average of 30-50 women/men in attendance for this event.  Over the last year we have covered topics such as Starting your own Business, Networking, Starting a non-profit, Going back to School, The importance of education, Marketing 101, Letting Go of the Past, Career Advancement, Wellness, Couponing, Money Management, Budgeting, Investments.  Each class starts with prayer, an ice breaker and features local community leaders and entrepreneurs thought the Tulsa and surrounding communities.   The classes are offered 100% free and currently hosted at the local community Library.  The goal is to keep women informed so that they can make better decisions which will lead to better lives not only for them but for their families and their communities.  The long term goal of WHOW is to provide food, financial aid, daycare, housing, education and business opportunities to the Tulsa community that are not currently available for single working mothers.

The target audience is women ages 16 to 45. WHOW hosts two events each month, which averages 40 attendees per event. WHOW has reached more than 480 women over the last 12 months.  WHOW currently has a total 704 group members, including 26 paid memberships with 185 likes.  The newsletter has over 289 subscribers and is distributed once per month, via email. The website averages over 900 viewers per month, which averages about 30 hits per day.  

                If awarded a grant it will help the organization to be able to issue food vouchers to working mothers that don’t qualify for food stamps but may need a little extra help to make it to the next pay day.  We would also like to be able to help women to pay enrollment fees if necessary and micro grants to return to school.  We would be able to get a fully functioning website that could help us to reach women not only in the Tulsa area but around the world.  We would be able to advertise on local news stations, and cable channels to increase our attendance from 30-50 to 100-150.  We would be able to rent our own facility so that we can set our own hours of operation and begin to have volunteers that can helps us to do intake of new clients and to answer the phone when clients, sponsors, and guests call in with questions or concerns. 

                Over the past year Crystal has worked hard to collect donations, work the event, gather speakers, and to pay for refreshments at each event.  The organization will use the advice and example of successful women to elevate future women to their full potential.  It will be a great challenge, which will take great determination.  WHOW believes that with God our organization will prevail!


Our long-term goal is to open a facility to accommodate 80-100 women with housing, food, and training assistance. 

We would love if you can help us reach this goal.  Please consider becoming a sponsor.